All About The Cross Tattoos

All About The Cross Tattoos

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History of Crosses

It is not known when the first cross image was made. However, after circles, crosses are on of the first symbols drawn by children of all cultures. As a basic design motif, the cross has appeared in pottery, weaving, carving and painting artifact of many ancient cultures. Cross symbols were used in the older, pagan religions.

The cross was used in the ancient world as a symbol of execution by crucifixion. And it became an important part of the Christian liturgy and art as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s death. This Christian symbol is a long vertical bar intersected at right angles, usually about 2/3rds up by a shorter horizontal bar.

The Christians made a sign of the cross with the right hand both to profess their faith and to bestow a blessing. The early Christian clergy used small hand-held crosses to bestow blessings. Crosses were carried in holy processions. Later on, crosses were placed on altars in churches and erected outdoors in markets and along roads.

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In spite of the fact that many folks associate tattoos with the disreputable sort of folks, Christian tattoos are immensely popular. These tattoos are a very unique and personal way for the bearer to identify with their Christian faith.

Christian Cross Tattoos

Also known as the Latin cross. It is the most common symbol of Christianity that represents the redeeming martyrdom of Jesus when he was crucified. An enormous variety of Christian symbols have been turned into tattoo images – but the cross is the most popular tattoo chosen. The Latin pattern is a safe choice for first timers who are not sure just how much of the needle they will be able to stand.

Celtic Cross Tattoos – High Cross

The Celtic cross is definitely one of the most attractive types of tattoo out there today. A border of Celtic knots that have no beginning or end surrounds the basic cross formation. Or the knot work/spiral might adorn the inside of the cross. The graceful and timeless beauty of these cross designs lends themselves particularly well to tattoo art. This tattoo is usually black and green.

Celtic tattoos of all kinds are an insanely popular design to get done today. Because of their detailed appearance, meaningful symbolism, and rich history – people are opting to go “Celtic.” The ancient history of the Celtic designs comes from Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. This is a part of the world where so many people with similar backgrounds like to show pride in their heritage by getting a Celtic tattoo. The Celtic cross tattoo designs are easily the most widespread of all the Celtic images around. Bring the knot and the cross together, and you get some very heavy symbolism!

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The Gothic Cross Tattoos

The Gothic style mimics the German design of heavily adorned pieces fabricated from wrought iron. The Goth culture is marked with a fascination of Medieval, Victorian and Edwardian history. Gothic crosses also symbolize the feelings of depression, pain and anger. Today’s Gothic cross tattoos usually incorporate dark and disturbing imagery. Crosses wrapped in barbed wire are common. Also crosses that are actually daggers with a single drop of crimson at the tip.


Crosses represent so much symbolism and are extremely versatile. Is it any wonder that the cross tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs people ask for when they walk into a tattoo shop?

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