Crazy Contact Lenses Are No Longer Just For Halloween

Crazy Contact Lenses Are No Longer Just For Halloween

Posted by sultan in how to 27 Nov 2015

We still have a long way to go before we run out of body parts to decorate. We make statements about ourselves by the style and color of our hair, our style of clothing, and body tattoos and piercing just to name a few examples. It was only “natural” that some of us would want to decorate our eyes with what could be called crazy contact lenses. These contact lenses are almost beyond imagination.

With all of the advancements that have been made in the field of movie special effects, contact lenses have evolved as something more than just a way to correct your vision. Crazy contact lenses can make your eyes look like that of practically any animal or creature, real or imagined. Movies that showcase monsters, ghouls, aliens or zombies are especially popular with crazy contact lens makers. They allow you to take the persona you are trying to represent to a whole new level.

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Crazy contact lenses are not only limited to animal eyes or horror movie characters. There are countless other looks and designs and colors available. How about wearing glow-in-the-dark eyes? Crazy, huh? Maybe you’d rather have something that is more sweet and delicate like ladybug eyes or daisies. Or, you could represent your favorite sports team and have your eyes portray your team’s colors and logo. Wear those and people will have a hard time keeping their eyes on the game instead of you. You would be the main attraction at any tailgate party.

The most popular time to consider crazy contact lenses is in October, right before Halloween. Wearing a pair of crazy contact lenses could be that finishing touch that turns a great costume into an amazingly stupendous costume. But don’t wait too long to get a pair of crazy contacts. All contact purchases need a doctor’s prescription. Even if you don’t have any vision problems and you only want to wear a pair of novelty lenses for one time, you will still need to see an optometrist. He or she will give you a prescription that will allow you to buy a pair of crazy contact lenses. Your doctor may have some choices available in the office or he or she may be able to order them for you. If this is not the case, there are many online sites that have dozens of styles of crazy contact lenses to choose from. All of this may be well worth it if it helps you to win the grand prize in the costume contest.

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