Earn Extra Money Online – Freelancing

Earn Extra Money Online – Freelancing

Posted by sultan in how to 17 Dec 2015

The best way to earn quick money online is to provide a service that people are prepared to pay for. There are many long term strategies for earning money online, but if you want extra money fast, then services are the way to go. You may opt to go as a freelancer online or become “employed” by someone or a company on a regular basis working over the internet. Your earning limit only depends on your time and skills. The potential for earning extra money online is huge and it can eventually overtake your salary job!


Freelancing is a great way to earn money on the side without working for someone else. The great thing about it is that you can choose how much work you take on and when you want to stop working. You might only choose to work when you need money. Freelancing can involve any number of skills including:

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Graphic Design
Web Design
Project Management
Data Entry
Customer Service
Web Translation
Video Creation and Editing
Where to Find Freelance Jobs

There are many places to find freelancing jobs. You can advertise on forums related to the work you do or submit your resume and portfolio to freelancing websites like elance.com, rentacoder.com, guru.com and many others. These websites allow you to bid on various projects. You are often competing against people from developing nations like India and Romania who are able to bid much lower than you. But don’t let that stop you because as soon as you build up a reputation you will have project owners coming after your skills.

Don’t fall for work at home scams when it comes to earning extra money online. Instead, choose jobs at the above mentioned websites and post your ad at places like eBay classifieds and Craigslist. There is no need to work for someone else when you are a freelancer, you can be in complete control!

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Earning Potential of Freelancing

Many people make their full time income from freelancing online. If you have a lot of time to dedicate to freelancing then you can also replace your regular income. If you’d just like to supplement your income by being able to earn extra money online then you only need to dedicate ten hours or less a week to your freelancing.

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