How To Design A Bed And Breakfast Business In 6 Steps

How To Design A Bed And Breakfast Business In 6 Steps

Posted by sultan in how to 29 Oct 2015

Designing your bed and breakfast business be one of the most exciting parts of starting a B&B. Sure you can have an interior designer design it for you, but why miss out on the fun if you can also put in some of your ideas into your own business. It’s fun to visualize and imagine what your B&B will look like from the floor plan to how you will arrange the furniture. Here are some ideas on how to design your bed and breakfast business.

1. You can use a sketch pad to get your design ideas on paper or use a graphic design program on your PC. There are some computer soft-wares and templates you can use to help you turn your ideas into an actually image. The great thing about these computer programs is you can actually see how your design will look like before it is actually constructed. Look at some magazines to get ideas for a floor plan.

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2. Try to fix up your bed and breakfast business to encourage relaxation. There are many factors involved to help you achieve that effect such as the color of your paint, the materials used for the furniture and the structure itself. Wood, fabric and other natural materials create a more cozy ambiance compared to materials like plastic or steel. Avoid energizing colors like yellow, orange and white inside the bedrooms.

3. Decorate with canvas wall art and lampshades with dim amber or yellow light. Place a chair or two in each room and a coffee table or bedside table. In the common areas both indoors and outdoors, place couches, tables and chairs. Place some reading material here and there. Strategically put some potted plants around your bed and breakfast business.

4. When designing each room, consider the size of the bed and how many guests will use the room. Make enough space for customers to move comfortably around the room. Remember that there will be additional furniture aside from beds like chairs, a table, and a television set. Travelers coming to your bed and breakfast business will also be placing their luggage, and maybe even their golf bags in the rooms. Provide enough storage space for their things.

5. Place your lounge, reception area, kitchen and dining areas away from sleeping quarters to decrease the noise for resting customers. And of course position your kitchen and dining areas next to each other. Have a couch in your reception area for waiting travelers to sit on, in case you are entertaining another customer.

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6. If your bed and breakfast business is going to cater to business people or is located near a business center, provide a small in-house office where your customers can do some work, make phone calls, or use the internet and computer. By the way, provide Wi-Fi for free as a standard service.

When designing a B&B, consider your customer’s comfort and needs. Provide comfortable beds and pillows. These are one of the most important features you can offer your clients because their main purpose of checking-in at your bed and breakfast business is to get some rest for the night. A good idea is to check-in at some inns and see how they are designed. You can also get some floor plan ideas in some books and on the Internet.

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