Kent Sayre Unstoppable Marketing – Review – Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

Kent Sayre Unstoppable Marketing – Review – Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

Posted by sultan in how to 04 Sep 2015

Kent Sayre Unstoppable Marketing is based in Portland, Oregon and is headed by Kent Sayre. The home based business offered by Kent Sayre is a Marketing System designed to be worked from home. In a recent sales letter received from Kent’s office some of the quotes in the letter included:

1. “…this doesn’t involve network marketing…”

2. “…you won’t have to become a salesman…”

3. “…this is a turnkey, hassle-free, marketing system…”

In the same letter referenced above for this Kent Sayre Unstoppable Marketing system, it asks for a $20.00 refundable deposit to see the actual system, to ask any questions and to qualify yourself as serious by sending in the $20.00 refundable money. All these techniques are great, however, if I’m seriously looking for a home based business opportunity, can’t I see ‘behind the curtain’ for no cost?

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I have contacted Kent’s office in the past and there is a live person to speak to, although I did leave several voice mails before getting a response. The Kent Sayre Unstoppable Marketing home based business opportunity is legitimate. The sales letters are well written and the documentation included with the sales letters are impressive sales tools (ie: the Form 1120 S tax return I received as part of his most recent sales letter). Kent Sayre’s sales materials include a hint of his rags to riches story and I applaud Kent for his success.

However, in evaluating a home based business opportunity, you have to answer questions that are in your own head. Would I be passionate about this business? Is this something I would enjoy? Can I be proud of this business? Can I sustain this business in good and bad economic times? These are just some of the questions I think are important to answer for yourself. Kent Sayre and Unstoppable Marketing is legitimate but do your own due diligence.

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Lastly, as with any business there are costs to doing business. The mailings sent out are variable cost and recurring costs. The sales letters need to be written (a resource cost), printed, mailed etc and that’s just one cost of marketing. You must know how to market this Unstoppable Marketing System or any home based business you choose to become involved with. Remember, that marketing, branding, effort, mentoring and educating yourself on evolving trends are huge for the long term success of any business.

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