Small Bathroom Design Problem Solved With A Small Toilet

Small Bathroom Design Problem Solved With A Small Toilet

Posted by sultan in how to 08 Nov 2015

A small toilet could be the key to your bathroom-remodeling problem

Remodeling small bathrooms can be difficult especially when you try to fit more into your makeover bathroom than you had in your old one. The key to solving your problem could lie in the design of your new toilet.

Fitting more stuff in your small bathroom

This was the situation that I found myself in when I remodeled my very small bathroom. I wanted to turn the place into a beautiful ceramic heaven that all my family and guests would be pleased to use. I also wanted to add a separate shower cubicle to replace the shower over the bathtub that I hated and this is where the problem lay.

My little bathroom was already crowded with just a bathtub, toilet, washbasin and radiator but I desperately wanted a new shower so I set to work on the design. I armed myself with measuring tape, pencil and graph paper which can be printed for free from here Free Graph Paper for Bathroom remodeling and used it to rearrange the items in bathroom on paper.

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By moving the radiator over the bathtub and the washbasin to the opposite wall I managed to free up quite a lot of space but I could see that I still didn’t have enough room for the toilet. At least not for one the same size as I had already.

The problems with toilets

The main problem with a lot of toilets is that they take up too much wall space. Not only are the cisterns or tanks too wide but they also often tend to have the water inlet and overflow on the side of the tank, which takes up even more wall space. So I started to look for toilets that would fit into the space that I had available and found that there is quite a lot to choose from.

Choose a small toilet with a bottom inlet feed

I was pleasantly surprised when I started to look for small toilets. I found some that were so tiny that they would fit almost anywhere. Unfortunately they would be very little use for anyone but the most petite of us because they would be completely impractical.

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So it’s a compromise that we are looking for. A toilet that is big enough to be used by all, and small enough to fit into the available space. You should be able to find small toilets that have cisterns of 16 inches width or less with plumbing that enters from the bottom rather than the side.

The plumbing arrangement helps a lot because side entry takes up a lot of room. The toilet that I chose even directs the overflow into the waste outlet rather than requiring a side-exit pipe to carry it away.

I managed to fit my new small toilet next to my nice new shower cubicle and it all worked out great. I hope that yours does too.

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