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Hand – drawn clipping path services must be essential to create lifelike photos. When you have perfect clipping path product photos, definitely customers will .like it and also buy your products.

For transparent, clean products photos best hand drawn clipping path services

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Image editing services:

Image editing is not just like a job rather impregnation which is performed by clipping path specialists to fulfill client’s demand. We performed any types of image editing like e-commerce product photos, photography image, jewelry image, fashion image, real state image etc.

Why Clipping path Genius Services?

We used newest technologies tools, devices to create proficient clipping path photos within 24/7 hours by clipping path genius skilled specialists’ team work.


Clipping path genius always give priority remained your brand name and popularity. To generate your sell we built excellence clipping path photos that impress consumers and grow attention.


To utilize your precious time and knock us to get fastest quotes, rapid customers services within 24/7 hours at any time. We also replied you fast and deliver your project as soon as your time schedule.


Our affordable clipping path services give you best quality clipping path Photoshop within your budget. Also offering you packages if you have single or group of product photos at a friendly budget.

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What is Clipping path?

Clipping path also called vector path or deep etching, or photo cut out that helps us for separating the transparent part of an image from non-transparent part or others. Manuals Photoshop clipping path devices or systems are used for clippings of product photos. Firstly, we give a outline of images so that background of image remove easily. After applied of clipping path it allows to manipulate the background subject of image. It also helps you to add various kind of background especially white background for e-commerce site.

Levels of clipping path Complexity:

Clipping path categorized based on complication levels. Here we give you a brief description about different kinds of clipping path.

1. Basic clipping path:

Basic clipping path is the primary, easiest and cheapest method of clipping path. You can apply basic clipping path to remove solid objects with very few curved edges from the background of photos. It is mostly used for marketing purposes like mobile, plate, ball, book, egg, spoon, watch and framed art.

2. Simple Clipping path:

You can remove objects which have more curves and edges compare to basic clipping path.  For example – when a den present in the middle or interior portion of product photos, simple clipping path remove it quickly.  It is more costly but speedy method. Simple clipping path is widely used to remove background from vehicles, furniture or simple jewelry.

3. Medium Clipping Path:

When a completed edge present of an object, medium clipping path removed from photos background. It is more complex have multiple curves and holes than simple clipping path. Our experienced experts zoom in the images to create suitable number of anchor points. Medium clipping path takes more charge compare to simple and basic clipping path. Use medium clipping path to remove background from bracelets, shoes, or group of simple parts.

4. Multiple Clipping path:

It is also known as color path that used to isolate additional paths within the product photos from exclusively and inclusively that change the color of objects. Also save your cost of shooting for different colors product photos. It gives an extra color effect of individual areas of any images.

5. Complex Clipping Path:

It is defined as combination of tight paths of complex shapes and multiples holes of photos. Complex clipping paths are more time consuming and require high charge.  This type of clipping path applies in case of multiple grouping or complex design like jewelry.

6. Super complex Clipping Path:

More advanced type of complex clipping path is defined as super complex clipping path. Though it required highest cost than other types of clipping path, but it handle most critical products images. It connects complex, multiple and super complex clipping path with combination of image masking to get satisfactory outputs.

How do you create Clipping path at Photoshop?

The most accurate results come if you spend more time and work tediously. At first you can draw a path with the help of Pen Tool just about the selected object that you want to isolate from its original background. After the complete of path, Photoshop Path Panel offer you several methods to separate the elected area within the path. There are commonly used two ways in Photoshop clipping path. 1st, when you want to place your product photos in Quark Xpress or InDesign, the path can be modified so that isolated products only remain in layout and keep the background in Photoshop. It is known as InDesign clipping path. 2nd, when you need to removed background permanently from images for placement on website, the Photoshop Path Panel transmute the path to reusable alternative.

Who needs clipping path and deep etching services?

  • Professional photographers who have huge photos need to edit carefully to retain customers long timeline.
  • Freelancers and agencies always have batches of images to delivery of clients within tight schedule.
  • E-Commerce retailers who needs Photoshop clipping path images to get accurate types of photos to put at Amazon or eBay or any online websites.
  • When you have single or group of photos from any Photo shoot, you want to edit to get natural lifelike images. In this circumstances photo shop clipping path will be your first choice.

When to use clipping path:

  • Clipping path assist you to edit a marked region or change the shape or size of images.
  • For Quark Xpress or InDesign clipping path to hide background of an image without permanently removed background of product photos.
  • When you have single or group of photos to isolate background from images for display products at photo gallery.
  • If you need color changing or variants, multiple clipping path help you to apply correct color path in your image.
  • To create wrap or text with the image for individual effects.

When not to use clipping path:

Clipping path can’t apply in case of murky edges, hair or lucid images that results not come accurately. For this type of photos image masking is appropriate to edit properly.

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Bulk Services Discount

15 off

Discount For single order who order from 50-100

30 off

Discount For single order ,full order100-1000

40 off

Discount For single order ,full order1000-3000


Application of clipping path:

  • Removing of background from an image.
  • To edit a selected area of a object.
  • Ensuring the size and transparency of any images.
  • For some effects to create wrap and text within the images.
  • Cut out the photo from original image.
  • Isolate and drawing the background photos.
  • A process of making different image editing services like photo retouching and drop shadow.
  • Hiding the background of photos for InDesign.
  • Color correction or change the color path using multi- clipping path.
  • Change the image background.
  • For White background photos.

Special Benefits from clipping path genius:

At Clipping Path Genius, skilled graphic designer experts offer cost effective best clipping path and deep etching services. We confide to maintain quality services to build long time business relationship. More than 1300 clients worldwide worked with clipping path genius who are gratify with devoted clipping path services. We provide 24/7 hours production efficiency and clients support to answer all queries.

Our trained experts are the masters’ users of Photoshop pen tool to create excellent, unique and natural look images which attract consumers attention to buy any products. For drawing each clipping path images zoom as much as possible that give adequate anchor points to keep the actual natural form of photos. To get perfect image editing services having huge or few anchor points never give real look product photos.

We committed to you guaranteed service where our experts handle 5000-6000 images every day for clipping path services. Several advanced tools and devices are used for clippings like In design clipping path at Photoshop. We have great reputation on the quality of flawless services since many years. Contact with clipping path genius to get carefully hand drawn, lifelike product photos.

How to remove background from images with clipping path:

It is a technique to make change in the background of an image for color correction or changing of color path. Place your product photos in a layer and keep protect your original image documents, make the adjacent background transparent. Remove the background from image so that the product can place at another background by using Photoshop. Clipping path genius use Photoshop clipping path according to clients’ pleasure and obviously website requirement photos like Amazon.

How to make an image have a transparent background with clipping path:

To make transparent background when you have a correct clipping path, you can use two ways.

  • when you want to make your photos background transparent in all direction to convert the path into a selection then delete the background from the selection.
  • when you will be placing photos at Quark Xpress or InDesign as like catalog design. Firstly, convert your path to clipping path that look untouched in Photoshop but the background will be lucid after placed images at InDesign.

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