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Color correction is a vital key for e-commerce businessman and photographer to show their bundle of color range at once. It is very tedious to shoot every product at different ways.

Get the expected results by using color variants at quick turnaround

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Why color variants clipping path genius:

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Color variants :

Color correction provides you the chance to present all types of color so that customers focus on target products. Color correction is very useful for damage photographs where photo recoloring enhance the photos in such way to attract customers. It is also helpful if you want to add a new color to existing product line, you have no time or budget or have no access all of different color products. And also color variants service can save precious editing time to create a definite clients and customers satisfaction. Our team always clear about their work and capability. We also have house art directors to choose color which fit for your products. So let’s try us to get natural color variants at quick turnaround.

What are color variants?

Color variants is a process of changing colors that are present previously. It is a technique of colorizing the products by striking color at best saturation level. Color variants gives a vivid color to display products at e-commerce websites. Various design by photo re- coloring is possible to get attractive look that bears incredible effect. Advanced photo colorization can enhance the image in such a way that includes perfect color correction, design and adjustment of damaged photographs. Where audience will see the result, there is no effect of change one color to another one such as red into blue. This also could be a stark change means red into blue or subtle change require white balance. It is also helpful if you want to add new color products to the existing line that save live model hiring cost and your valuable time. color variants or color correction is a post operation task after taking photoshoot. Also a art of creativity to select color at right combination and right place to use.

How to do color variants?

Changing skin color in Photoshop is very important task to make unique, sharp and attractive photos. Photoshop match color command is help you to choose one or more color from multiple color range where you can change background color of photo.  At color range mode you can select one or multiple color range from original image. It is also help you photo retouching so that it automatically detect the subject and select it. In the end, you can use color picker and eyedropper tools. Actually, it depends for why you can apply color correction post operation techniques and where you want to use it?

Whom might use color variants and color changing service?

Color variants is much useful if you have many photos from recent photoshoot where you  want to change it background color or skin color of photos. Also demand you anyone at home for this like nail polish, lipstick, clothing products etc. have multiple colors range. Our clipping path genius experts always do hard task keeping in mind your brand name and reputation. For e-commerce retailers, it is not possible to shoot every color of same product. color variants help you to showcase range of color variation at a bundle. Photographers who have batches of photo, it saves your editing time so that you can concentrate client’s satisfaction. We add color range to existing line where customers have no much money and time for every product color during shooting or launch a new product color of same product.

Benefits of color variants and color changing:

Color variants service make any product more colorful and attractive to customers. After taking photo it seems un-colorful that loss it makes stability where consumers like attractive, colored photos. To increase revenue for entrepreneurship and also focus the target audience, changing the skin color in Photoshop is must necessary for you. If you notice dark circles in photos after taking photoshoot that bears loss of your profit. For this types of photos color correction provides a quick solution, add re – colorization bluish the tint of dark circles to hide the appearance of this type of tiny circles.


Color variants and color changing has usual pricing, if you want single or group of photos at bulk discount. More savings your budget within tight schedule because you have no time to spare. We respect your time, brand and reputation to publish new product colors and also delivery your quote within 30 minutes or less. Our speedy customers service, fast quote, bulk price make us more special to the world’s popular institutions.   We never compromise with products quality and quantity.

When to use color variants and color changing:

  • For correct background color.
  • Replacement of original color.
  • Bluish the dark circles that are present previous in photo.
  • For make up an image.
  • To make range of color of same product.
  •  E-commerce products color.
  •  To introduce a new color of existing products line.
  • If a naturally shoot photo not accurately capture the real life color of products.
  • When you have no budget and time for new photoshoot of every single color.
  • For perfect photo masking of products.

When not to use color variants and color changing:

  • If you want to keep your product unique within one or two colors compare to other brands.
  • If you sell one kind of product that have no chance to duplicate or replace easily.
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Different Methods of Color Correction:

Most of our most common tools are used at color variants and color changing in even more details. Here we are trying to explain different methods in briefly discussion. 

Curves: Photoshop curve tool is used for light adjustment of photos. Also use drop down toggle to adjust highlights and contrast of colors. For example if you want to look very blue shadow colors, curve would be a great technique for making this type of effect. 

Levels: To use level tool at Photoshop, we can drop down on the lab from RGB (Red- Green – Blue) which is segregated red, green and blue colors separately. We also can adjust toggle to enhance or reduce the color. 

Replace Color:  Replace or change the background color of photo in Photoshop to any color direction is essential. 

Color Balance: To balance the color at different direction, moves the arrows to any color direction. It affects the image quietly which gives sometimes positive results, sometimes it may be harsh.

Hue or Saturation: Application of hue changes the overall color tone, but one fell swoop while it gives the option to you for more dense color or dull tone for images.

Color change image editing service at clipping path genius:

At clipping path genius, we use learned more advanced tools and techniques for color variants and color changing. Our experts is skilled to use different tools like – color balance tool, Replace color tool, levels tool, curves tool, Hue or saturation tool etc. If you want to show all color of same product, we use one image for all color and every single image for every color separately. This helps us to make sure the product look exactly same in all color variants with exception only the color of image. Sometimes, edited color variants give you more perfect look than naturally shoot photos where clients and customers like more realistic photos. Customers have great experience of shopping. To change the color of picture, broaden the variations to add a simple photograph. We also deal dark circles, breakouts and blemishes or marking of sensitive skin, to hide skin redness. Experts apply trick to conceal all sorts of visible skin issues by green color corrector, purple color corrector to balance out uneven or yellow tones, bluish color to blemish dark circles.  also, makeup your photos, painting around the edges with a broader brush for face or luminous effect.

Why we call us the best:

Color variants or color changing service is common technique which is used to select portion of images based on color. We used more advanced tools and techniques that makes us popular to the world largest agency. Our team are experts heavily equipment to handle images’ selections. We use color path, multi color path and post production which is help us to improve the image against the initial quality. Our special creativity makes us the best color variants or color changing experts. Here we try to give a brief outline of our special features:

  • 100% free trial service before you hire us.
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  • Quickest quote within 30 minutes or less.
  • Used more update tools and methods of color correction.
  • Skilled and tedious team member.
  • Affordable budget and tightest timeline.
  • Use Photoshop Pen Tool

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