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Drop shadow Service Nowadays consumers are smarter than you also difficult to catch up their attention effortlessly. For this reason, you should present those photos that impress customers at first glance.

Our team committed to provide you natural look shadow effects that proved us the best shadow remover photo editor.

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What is Drop shadow effect?

Drop shadow effect is a visual effect consisting of a drawing element that looks like the shadow of an object also giving the impression that the object is raised above the object behind it. It gives a more realistic effect which makes the imagination of light source to shine of an object. Best drop shadow effect results come from a white or very light backgrounds.

Why drop shadow services at clipping path genius?

Clipping path genius experts are always concerned about what type of drop shadow creation would be ideal for you without taking many photos on a surface that can never give accurate output but required more time. Drop shadow gives more preferable result on a white or very light background. Natural shadow gives a creative or natural look of drop shadow of photos where reflection shadow produces more appealing and capture coalescence than normal ones. We set up or remove the shadow in Photoshop according to your product requirements that you can see after-effects drop shadow


Clipping path genius always give priority remained your brand name and popularity. To generate your sell we built excellence clipping path photos that impress consumers and grow attention.


To utilize your precious time and knock us to get fastest quotes, rapid customers services within 24/7 hours at any time. We also replied you fast and deliver your project as soon as your time schedule.


Our affordable clipping path services give you best quality clipping path Photoshop within your budget. Also offering you packages if you have single or group of product photos at a friendly budget.

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Drop Shadow Service:

Shadow-making capable clients to take photos without reflection from the latest photoshoot and helps to make a shadow or shadow reflection around the picture. Besides, it also gives a visual effect that not attain through natural photography. Different kinds of shadow like a natural shadow, reflection shadow, drop shadow, floating shadow are applied according to product photos. Shadow creation gives double beauty and a realistic look of an image to the customers…

Shadow creation service:

Shadow creation service is an image editing service that creates an object by laying a direct shade over the rest of an image. It is used for adding drop shadow in Photoshop on white or very light background images that give simplicity, a more natural 3D view, and create depth in an image.  We use a clipping path to create a path around the image to smooth out the edges of the shadow. And also make shadow light to make a more refined look that seems a more natural and realistic form of shadow creation or shadow reflection which attract customers easily at first look. It is also used to test visible images of any documents. Drop shadow may place on the content or below the level. However, the process of shadow creation not only takes skill and time but also you need to understand how to work shadow and what types of shadow you need to apply?

Types of Shadow creation service:

1. Natural shadow: Natural shadow is commonly used in order to smooth out existing edges and to create a visual effect of the object which casts a shadow on the background. Basically, it is an original shadow that is reflected by the image. Moreover, the natural shadow makes the products look more realistic and appealing that allures customers easily.
2. Drop shadow: Drop shadow is a kind of shadow that makes the object seems slightly raised over the background. The object also gives an eye to remaining floating in the background and most of the time it is replaced, changed something. Adding drop shadow in Photoshop gives an image more depth of field that makes it more real or 3D than 2D. This kind of effect is found in displaying online products,  advertising images, web pages, and catalog photographs.

3. Creating image Reflection / Mirror effect:

Reflection shadow is a process of shadow creation services that makes an object over the image by laying a direct shade beyond the objectThis kind of shadow is applied to highlight emotions that present a product on the surface to create fantastic images and modify the impressions in various ways. This is used for e-commerce product photos on a white background and adds a special dimension to an image. It is very important to perform this task by skilled experts to get high quality otherwise it would be unnatural and poor.

4. Retain original shadow:

In some circumstances, we use the cast shadow which has natural shadow but need to edit it and create a different background. In this case, we retain the existing original shadow and also provide a certain level of opacity and transparency to the shadows. If the casting shadow is unusable due to lighting or background condition, our team provides you best-suited shadow that gives natural look.

Who should use this service?

E-commerce businessman who sells their products by displaying photos through online. This service is for them to bring beauty and a realistic look to your products by creating shadows on the background of photos. For advertising agencies, shadow reflection extends your product quality by creating a practical picture containing natural shadows make attention when visiting customers at your website. Small and medium enterprises use drop shadows for displaying product photos. It creates an illusion so that the object is raised above the below surface because customers like professional and presentable displayed products. Photographers need to shadow creation services to get top-quality, clear photos at an affordable price and timeline. Shadow creation is also very much essential for magazines, product photography, catalog design, newspaper photos or other commercial purposes, etc.

When to use Drop Shadow:

  • To create a sense of depth and texture.
  • Make a uniform look in case of multiple objects.
  • Add a character and text.
  • Create a context without linking backgrounds.
  • For 3D illusion and natural look.
  • To retain cast shadows with different backgrounds.
  • Shining your surface and object of an image.
  • High-quality reflective surface as like high glass table.
  • Realistic product look and more appealing photo that attracts consumers immediately.

When not to use Drop Shadow:

  • If your object is darkest, drop shadow need not apply for this type.
  • When you have a light or medium-light background, don’t add drop shadow.
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Bulk Services Discount

15 off

Discount For single order who order from 50-100

30 off

Discount For single order ,full order100-1000

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Why Do We call Us the Best?

Firstly we know your brand details to suit what kinds of shadow will be matched with your products. Every shadow has its own special effects as requirements of products needs and goals. Following this way, we can add shadow effects that are shining on your object and its surface and create a uniform, clean look.
Shadow reflection or shadow creation effects are also Depend on the complex level of product photos. Different shadow creations have different look after effects drop shadow is shining of the surface more preferably white background,  natural shadow gives same but differences it makes natural drop shadow of the image where reflection shadow create more appealing photos and cast shadow to retain existing ones to provide the correct level of opacity and transparency. Simple shadow making for books, mugs, spoons, frames, and medium shadow making for lockets, shoes, bags, and complex shadow making for bikes, cars, beds, etc. Our shadow making also comes with bulk discounts to make multiple Photos in unique touch which is necessary for anyone to start a new business
You can generate your business with us where we offer you simple shadow making, medium shadow making, complex shadow making bundle offer depending on the quality of your product. By casting shadow role is obvious and significant because casting a shadow directly into their objects is able to change their appearance with texture, pattern, etc.

How we do Drop shadow?

We have a master of shadow remover photo editor to create realistic and natural photos that easily draw attention to customers. Also proud of your professional experts who transform images from ordinary into extraordinary form
When you are making a gray or black shape that matches with the shape or form of the objects. Then soften the edges of a gray or black shape and add drop shadow in Photoshop. Thus drop shadow effects makes photos more natural and eye-catchy to customers where it is very important to maintain correct proportions between shadow and object. If you don’t maintain a certain level, your products will be unnatural in comparison with others.
Drop shadow gives a more accurate output on the white or very light background where object and background relations will present together with a charming view. If you did it in poor quality, it will be unrealistic and artificial to buyers.
Sometimes experts can build an illusion on their image to attain more focus and attraction to a targeted audience. It is a very difficult task for this we should appoint a skilled graphic designer for this work.

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