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How to Edit a Smart Object in Photoshop

How to Edit a Smart Object in Photoshop | The Easiest Tutorial with Step-by-Step Instructions in 2021

How to Edit a Smart Object in Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful photo editing software that has been around since 1990. It is used by designers, photographers, and laymen alike to edit photos. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to edit a smart object in Photoshop. What? You don’t know what a smart object is? That’s OK! I will explain it all in the tutorial. Never edited a photo before? No problem! This tutorial will be the easiest and most comprehensive one you’ll find on this subject. All you need is Photoshop and some patience.

What is a Smart Object?

I always have problems with selecting the correct size of the subject. I have been using Smart Objects since they were introduced and I have been extremely happy with them. They are great for groups of photos and for photos of objects that don’t really fit within the borders of the original photo. Once you have a few layers in your photo, Photoshop can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

All you need to do is give the Smart Objects a face. However, what if you want to change something within the picture? Many photographers prefer to delete certain things from their photos instead of making them into a Smart Object. For instance, say your photo has a person standing outside, wearing a big hat. You wouldn’t want to save that hat image as a smart object.

Smart Object in Photoshop

Supplies: Blend tool (for blending smart objects) White paintbrush (for altering brightness and color) Stencil tool (for smudging smart object) Blend Mode: Soft light Time: 8 Minutes Let’s start the tutorial by going to our artboard. Create a new empty artboard by clicking on the + button (or selecting New Artboard from the menu) and filling it with 100% white space.

Now, we are going to create our smart object. Here is the smart object as it’s ready in Photoshop: You will find a white rectangle with a black point on the top right corner of your artboard. This is the base. Open the smart object. Go to the Actions and check the “Make Smart Object” action. That’s all. Open the Blend tool and then click on the “Diffuse” button. In the menu bar, you will find “Remove”.

Introduction to Photoshop

It’s not a coincidence that Photoshop is the most widely used digital image editing program out there. It allows you to make and modify images like nothing else can. Not only is it extremely powerful, but its intuitive interface and creativity tools set it apart from all other photo editing programs.

A Smart Object in Photoshop You probably know that a smart object is a software program that defines the attributes of an object and adds them to other files, and that if you change the attributes of a smart object, it will update other files as well. For example, let’s say you want to delete something from a digital image, and you don’t have a way of doing it. You could use a smart object. more

Editing Photos In Photoshop

Editing a photo in Photoshop isn’t as hard as it seems. Unlike other software such as Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop can be used by both beginners and professionals. If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot from the tutorials like this. If you are a professional, you can practice new techniques on your photos and get inspired. These tutorials will not only guide you step by step, they will also teach you new tips and tricks.

In this tutorial, I will go through all the steps of editing a photo. Let’s get started! Step 1: Select the Smart Object Selecting the smart object is done by clicking on the target on the Layer panel. Selecting the smart object doesn’t include selecting a copy of the Smart Object. The Smart Object is simply a unique shape of a photo that you can customize.


Smart objects are very useful tools in Photoshop. We will learn how to create them in this tutorial and what they are good for. You’ll learn how to use them in commercial design and graphics work. They are also a very useful tool for those who want to have a bit of fun when making their own PSDs. I’ll show you a way to create a mask in Photoshop that works with smart objects. It looks more complicated than it is.

Download This Tutorial You can download this tutorial for free. And that’s a great thing! To download the sample PSD, please visit this link. To download the Adobe Lightroom CC 2018, please visit this link. If you want to download a PSD without any additional software installed, please go here.

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