Ghost mannequin photo editing services

To generate your business, bring your products for fashion purposes that attract customers to real wear. Bring live models is very expensive and time consuming to present your products where image manipulation gives you one time investment that save your money and precious time.

Generate your business with great ghost mannequin at affordable budget

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What is ghost mannequin photo editing service?

Ghost mannequin or neck joint service is a process that allows you to hide you mannequin layer and express your clothing products photos correctly. It also allows you to combine or clear the neck into a new image also provide invisible mannequin photos as like remove wrinkles, change the color, background removal. In short, Photoshop clobber without a model is known as ghost mannequin or image manipulation or neck joint in image editing services. Photo. Manipulation allows you to hold their shape, 360-degree outlook to inquiry the best look of products. All the images are edited in such way that the mannequins disappear or hide so this is called ghost mannequin.

Why ghost mannequin service clipping path genius?

At clipping path genius promote your product photos in such a way that hide your mannequin, hold their shape and combine the neck to a new image. Image manipulation is most demanding image editing tactics for online fashion industry, professional clothing photography and readymade garments business to express their clothing image correctly. You know your products importance to promote your business using mannequins in a cost – effective and using way depending on the complexity of the requirement and amount of work order. We priority your products which is offer currently and your planning sell in the future is very much necessary. To match shape, color and design effectively for both male and female products is essential that depends on professional experience. So, contact us for photo manipulation and share your plan to grow up your business at suitable budget and timeline.


Clipping path genius always give priority remained your brand name and popularity. To generate your sell we built excellence clipping path photos that impress consumers and grow attention.


To utilize your precious time and knock us to get fastest quotes, rapid customers services within 24/7 hours at any time. We also replied you fast and deliver your project as soon as your time schedule.


Our affordable clipping path services give you best quality clipping path Photoshop within your budget. Also offering you packages if you have single or group of product photos at a friendly budget.

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Ghost mannequin:

Clipping path genius experts provide you the best ghost mannequin that would be ideal for any kind of images to publish anywhere. It also gives an on look to focus on product by using this technique. Photographer who preliminary takes picture, then our graphic designer edits it according to your requirements. To promote your products images in an efficient and cost-effective way, use mannequin by professional image editor.

What is ghost mannequin service?

Ghost mannequin is a process of excellent image editing service that allows you to join the captured photos from several angles, shape, color and design. It is also Known as neck joint service, photo manipulation, image manipulation. Ghost mannequin is used to represent your products perfectly to give your product the 3D or 360-degree view and solve the issue with model photoshoot. We remove the mannequin by photo editing software like abode Photoshop. In this modern era, people want to get real experience at the time of purchasing any products especially clothing items, ghost mannequin is the latest and smartest way of showing products.

Types of ghost mannequin:

Today’s consumers demand unique, new, and realistic products to purchase any product that express details within a frame. Our ghost mannequin products provide the customers with the getting of a realistic idea about your products.

1. 3D or 360-degree ghost mannequin effects:

To get a 360 degree look of your product images like cloth, jewelry and watches, ghost mannequin will help you for accurate output. Our experts used Photoshop mannequin and ready to take challenges of any ghost mannequin photoshoot. Clipping path genius makes the dynamic images into 3D view with high satisfaction and friendly budget of ghost mannequin service.

2. Neck joint ghost mannequin:

Ghost mannequin is to all about to remove mannequin from products like shirts, sweaters, suits etc. After removal of mannequin from a clothing product, you will get hollow on the neck joint. Our experts fix the neck joint from one image to another image of same product without mannequin by image clipping on neck area. We make fine polished products so that any wrinkles can’t understand and also remove background for better outlook of online products.

3. Bottom joint on ghost mannequin:

This type of photo manipulation is used for those products with back section longer than the front part. And some clothing products have very much elongated back portion like a tail. At first remove the mannequin from neck joint using Photoshop mannequin. After this cut out bottom section from another image by using the clipping path technique and attached it at the bottom portion.

4. Sleeve’s joint on ghost mannequin:

This is also a useful mannequin service for clothing products with long sleeves like jackets, suits, sweaters etc. In case of long sleeve cloths, ghost mannequin effect gives perfect solution. After removing the dummy sleeves and need to edit it to create hollow look. Our experts always create natural, clean look to improve product quality and generate your sells.

How We do ghost mannequin?

To make natural photos we consider perfect combination of color, design, and shape together. To add ghost mannequin of one mannequin image and another image without mannequin so that inside will be visible. After putting the two images together at the neck joint, do clipping path on this image using Photoshop mannequin. Using ghost mannequin editing remove wrinkles from clothes, alter the color, background removal and 360-degree view to create invisible mannequin images. Our skilled manpower always ready to increase your sell not only for present also for future planning. We also smooth the edge, isolate unwanted objects, draw the path and replacement of object – all are done for attractive, charming photos. We always give you most substantial result to fit the products perfectly also careful color match in case of male or female by this invisible photography service.  Our experts also can fuse the clothing image to explore the best result. It also combines the neck to a new image which helps you to do profitable business. For promoting e-commerce products on website, mannequin helps you mostly to keep effective shape compare to other effects which will give more professional and consistent effect on image. This will be vitally important and useful to promote your products and also your brand to the customers.

When to use ghost mannequin:

  • If you want to draw a path in shape, ghost mannequin will be your first choice.
  • To add texture, volume to your products like accessories.
  • To hide or separate mannequin layer.
  • Combine the neck joint to a new image.
  •  Showcase the details of your products like brand name, logos etc.
  • To save valuable time and budget by hiring a live model.
  • Replacement of photos on new image.
  • Image restoration purposes.
  • If you want to show your product photos at 360-degree view.
  •  For cut out unwanted objects.
  •  Combine other services at once like drop shadow, image masking, jeweler retouching and photo restoration.

When not to use ghost mannequin:

  • When you want to show the products with live model or real people.
  •  Digital advertising on your website to test purpose which one do better between live model and real people.
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How to add ghost mannequin to your image:

When you want to add a ghost mannequin into your image, consider the shape, color and design perfectly by skilled teamwork. Firstly, we should take two objects where one is image of clothing with mannequin, and another is without the mannequin so that inside can visible.  Then put your images together at neck to do clipping path easily at a time. After this you will get a fantastic, clear and sharp look where invisible mannequin wearing it perfectly. 

Different types of object have different photo manipulation ways. In case of clothing products, neck joint manipulation is used but others do not require same to same. Watches, pants also need to edit for natural shape and texture where clothing and accessories require invisible mannequin which is look more realistic and charming to catch up customers attention. Our experts combine the ghost mannequin with other services like drop shadow, color correction, image masking to create brightest image. If you use full body mannequin that has one legs Ans torso in one, it is good to do but your products only on coats, shirts, blazers, dresses, jumpers and like this, it will be most cost effective to buy a ghost mannequin has only one torso to give same effect.

Why we Call us the best?

We have skilled, intelligent team who have own area of professional experienced and mentality to do challenging work. They discuss every problem with team member to select best service for your products. If you have nontransparent and clear image, contact with us for most natural, clear photos using ghost mannequin. Best neck joint service to add texture, new volume, and design at perfect combination that your customers must be amenable to buy your products. Also offer you a cost-effective charge with quality work within time schedule.  

More than 5000 image manipulation done every day by. We know your products value to generate sell by unique, uniform photos so that customers will come again and again in your website.  Let helps us and trust us to share your product files with us and increase your sell within a magical period. Our team always special capability to do different task faithfully. And also save money to hire a live model. Moreover, contact us and enjoy your time.

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