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Clipping path genius is a well- known Creative graphics design and creative animation studio in Bangladesh. With much experienced, best quality animation making for any purposes which are completely unmatched with others company.

Next Resolution Films breathtaking designs on thematic graphics, branding, package, leaflets, brochures, video, social media pages and much more.


Our Graphics Design Services:

  • Corporate Stationary
  • Logo Designing
  • Business Card
  • Letter Head
  • Point of Sales
  • Signs & Banners
  • Posters
  • Brochure
  • Flyers
  • Invitation
  • Season Greetings
  • Package Designing
  • Banners Designs
  • DVD Designs, DVD sticker Designs
  • T Shirts Designs


Clipping path genius always give priority remained your brand name and popularity. To generate your sell we built excellence clipping path photos that impress consumers and grow attention.


To utilize your precious time and knock us to get fastest quotes, rapid customers services within 24/7 hours at any time. We also replied you fast and deliver your project as soon as your time schedule.


Our affordable clipping path services give you best quality clipping path Photoshop within your budget. Also offering you packages if you have single or group of product photos at a friendly budget.


Why Graphics Design services in clipping path genius?

Our team bound to follow clients’ instruction to keep in mind your brand reputation and name. Experts are updated with various tools and techniques to create animation for moving icons, video games, telling story, musical accompaniment, animated video etc. Regarding with this time and budget friendly service where assuring quality services and bulk discount.  We never compromised with quality and 100% guarantee of client’s satisfaction. Get a quote within 30 minutes or less.

Are You Looking a Graphic Design company?

Clipping path genius proved as a world renowned graphic design company where build up long term business relationship with the world’s greatest institutions or companies. And also proved us best graphic design company at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Everyone demands quality work which will be eye catching to the customers. We delivered unique, natural types animation and videos which are appreciated by clients. Mentioning, our team has many years working experienced and they almost cover all which are related to graphics design. More than 350+ member worked with us for long time with reputation and developed themselves as an ideal specialist in different department of graphics. If you searching best experts of graphic designer, you can find most of the best experts worked at clipping path genius. We delivered your massage smoothly by animated video so that customers can understand your main objectives or goals. Let’s try us and don’t worry about budget.

AD Production:

  • Newspaper Ad Production
  • Magazine Ads
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Yellow Page Ad Production

Corporate Identity design

  • Corporate Logo Design
  • DVD Cover & Sticker
  • ID Card
  • Corporate Catalogue Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Visiting Card’s
  • Package Design
  • Layout Presentation
  • Stationery Layout
  • Label Design
  • Letter-head design
  • Corporate Presentation


About us

Clipping Path Genius is a hub of plenty of Photo-shop experts. It goes without saying that all of the members of Clipping Path Genius is trained from different sophisticated Graphic Design company of Bangladesh.

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