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How To Add Shadows In Photoshop

How To Add Shadows In Photoshop | A Simple Guide For Beginners in 2021

How To Add Shadows In Photoshop

How To Add Shadows In Photoshop: Photoshop is a powerful program used for digital photo editing, graphic design, and many other purposes. It’s great for adding all sorts of effects to your photos. One of the most basic yet useful additions you can make to your images using Photoshop is adding shadows In Photoshop. Shadows add depth and realism to your images and can even help improve the quality of an image that may not be so good to start with. This article will teach you how to add shadows in Photoshop, step by step.

What Is A Shadow?

Shadow is a light source cast onto an object or a face (person or animal) by the light source itself (Sun, a lamp, etc.). These shadows In Photoshop are typically created by giving the object a sharp, defined edge, with lighter or darker areas that fall between the light source and the object. This edge of the object or the face makes the shadow thicker and gives the shadow more volume, depending on the angle of the light source.

It is a term generally used in photography and digital art. How To Add Shadows In Photoshop: The Basics First, the first thing you should do is open your picture in Photoshop. I will assume that you have clicked on “New Picture” on the top right corner of your screen.

How To Add Shadows In Photoshop

Step 1 Open up the Photoshop document that you want to add shadows  to. I’ll be using the image below as an example. Step 2 We need to place a layer above the image, that’s where the shadows will be added to. In this case, the layers don’t need to be connected, they’re just visible when you look at the image. We can change the position of the layers to adjust the position of the shadows In Photoshop, but remember to keep them on top of the image.

It’s easier to change their positions to the right of or below the image when the layers are visible, which is what we want here. Step 3 Click on the Pathfinder icon. It’s the little triangular thing that you can see on the far right of the Pathfinder panel. Step 4 Next, click on the Blur icon, which is the square with the arrows pointing to the left.

Step-by-Step Process For Adding Shadows

Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating a faux-shaded image in Photoshop: Step 1 1. Select the area you want to shade in your photo. Go to Effect > Background, and select light. Step 2 2. Select Background Fill from the toolbar. You’ll notice that it provides a slider, as shown in the picture above, in order to manually select the color and opacity of the background fill.

3. The rest of the steps are very similar to the above example, using a different color and the opacity slider. As a rough guide, you’ll usually need to make about 20-30 colors for the background fill. 4. Now, open a new layer and call it Dark Shadow Layer. Step 3 5. Create a new layer above Dark Shadow Layer. Create another one on top of it called Light Shadow Layer. 6.

Extra Tips And Tricks For Photoshop

There are quite a few techniques used in Photoshop for adding shadows. For instance, you can find several plugin programs that allow you to simply use layer effects to add shadows to your images. If you don’t like layer effects, there are several free plug-ins that will allow you to add shadows using just the current layer effects in Photoshop.

More To Come… In this article, we’ll go through how to add shadows to your images in Photoshop. We’ll start with the basics, followed by some more advanced techniques. In the next few posts, I’ll discuss some additional techniques such as how to create an Illusion layer in Photoshop and how to add color masks to your images. Stay tuned!


You learned how to add shadows in Photoshop. For the complete guide, check out the book Shadows in Photoshop book. Are you ready to start creating amazing photo effects? It doesn’t matter whether you have just a basic Photoshop knowledge or have a couple of years of experience under your belt, this book will be a great resource to get you started on the right track. Download your copy today!


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