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How to Turn a Photo into an Awesome Line Drawing with Photoshop in 2021

How to Turn a Photo into an Awesome Line Drawing with Photoshop in 2021

Turn a Photo into an Awesome Line Drawing

Have you ever wanted to create a line drawing from a picture? If so, this blog post is for you. In the first section of the article we will review how to turn a photo into a photoshop drawing. In the second section, I will show you how to take your finished product and convert it into an animated gif file that can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Let’s get started!

In this blog post I’ll show you how to turn your favorite pictures into awesome line drawings with Photoshop! This process is really simple and only takes about 5 minutes total time

Create a new Photoshop document

Photoshop is a software application used to create digital images. With its wide range of tools, it can be used to modify photographs or drawings in order to produce artwork. There are many ways you can use Photoshop’s filters and effects to make your pictures look like pencil sketches, watercolors, oil paintings, etc.

However for this blog post we will focus on creating a new photoshop document that will allow us to start our design process with different sizes and shapes that mimic the traditional methods of making art like using paper and pen or paintbrush. This tutorial may seem very simple but once you know how do it you’ll see why it’s an essential tool for any designer!

Choose the Pencil Tool and get to work!

Ever had a desire to draw or edit photos? With photoshop and the pencil tool, you can do both! The pencil tool allows you to make edits on your photo such as changing colors, erasing parts of it, and adding text. Let’s get started with this tutorial.

1) Open up Photoshop and take a picture that you want to turn into a drawing (or use one from the internet). If using an existing photo: Select Image>Image Size and set width and height dimensions for your desired size. Choose Pixels as units; Width/Height should be in pixels too. Save it as “Drawing” so we know what we’re working on later on down the road if need be. Now select File>New

Add some facial features with the Brush Tool

In this blog post, I will show you how to add some facial features with the brush tool. In order to do this, we’ll need a picture that is already taken and ready to be edited. You can also use your own drawing or sketch if you want! To start off, select the Brush Tool (B) on the toolbar at the top of Photoshop.

Then click anywhere on the canvas where there are no other pixels touching it and drag outwards until you’ve created an oval shape for your face. Now choose one of our preset brushes from the Brushes panel in order to apply hair color or skin tone depending on what kind of person you’re making! This technique is great for adding people into group photos as well as giving someone

Give it a background color or pattern, if desired

In order to make your Photoshop project look more professional, you can add a background. You can do this manually by adding a new layer and clicking the gradient tool in the toolbar. This will allow you to create an even color or pattern as your background. If desired, you may also want to use tools such as Color Range or Magic Wand that are located on the right side of the toolbar for making selections of certain parts of your picture before applying a gradient fill.

How to convert an image to grayscale: an additional method

One of the most popular tools in Photoshop is to convert an image from color to grayscale. By selecting Image > Mode > Grayscale, you can get rid of all colors and start adjusting your photo’s tone entirely with black-and-white tones only!

A common use case for this process would be when someone wants their final product–a magazine cover or brochure design that also includes colorful graphics on top -to have a more minimalistic feel so they don’t distract from what’s being showcased underneath it; but sometimes photographers want subtlety instead because

How to make the strokes of your line drawing thicker in Photoshop

With the Brush tool, you can change your line drawing to have thicker strokes. To do this: duplicate a layer and move it up one more time with Color Dodge blend mode enabled (found under Filter > Filter Gallery…). Next open up Glowing Edges by clicking on its icon in filter gallery; adjust Edge Widths until they’re reduced enough for what looks best but don’t reduce brightness too much – otherwise there’ll be no contrasty edge at all! When done editing click OK then CTRL+I (COMMAND+I) which will invertebrate that selected layer before changing both their Blend Modes from Normal back again so we end-up where we started

Step 5: Set your Background and Foreground Colors

In order to achieve the effect you want, in your Toolbar set Background Color and Foreground Colours.

For best results start with white as a background color before using other colors such as medium gray for both foregrounds (the area where something will be added). From there select what’s required from within Photoshop’s large range of shades by clicking halfway down one side or near each end – doing this ensures that only single pixel steps are taken while editing individual parts without making any sudden movements which can result accidently spattering paint all over!

Save your finished line drawing as a JPG file for social media uploads!

If you’re like me, you’ve spent hours on a line drawing only to find it’s just not perfect. It can be hard to accept that your work isn’t what it should be and even harder when someone points it out! The truth is, there are many things that go into making a digital illustration; the right brush strokes, lighting effects and color tones all play their part in how your final product will look.

But what if I told you there was something else at play? Yep! You guessed it: saving as an image file for social media uploads.  There are many reasons why this step isn’t always performed; maybe because of time constraints or maybe because we’re too close to our own work to notice the flaws

Conclusion : If you’ve ever wanted to create a line drawing from your favorite photos, then this blog post is for you! In the first section we will review how to turn a photo into a Photoshop drawing. In the second section I will show you how to take your finished product and convert it into an animated gif file that can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Let’s get started! Read more here.

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