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Most of the online buyers like white background product photos and its demand is increasing day by day. If you have an image that is fuzzy, hairy, we apply advanced masking techniques.

Super-fast and affordable image masking services for hairy and furry images

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Eliminate Distractions With our photo masking services:

When you have hairy or furry images, you need not worry about this. Our skilled team works tediously where every expert has their own area of expertise and skill to ensure their efficiency of the design craft. We use Photoshop image masking by applying different tools and techniques to create high-quality image masking photos that are easily eyes catchy to consumers. So, you should not think of any distractive images and contact us immediately for quality services.

Why photo masking clipping path genius services?

At clipping path genius, many skilled, active, and confidential members work with full concentration for many years who have their own area of expertise to make unique, high-quality photos. And we offer affordable prices and a budget to deliver a superlative result by applying generic techniques like Photoshop image masking. We have a great reputation in different ways of masking mentioning Photoshop hair masking, masking in Indesign, masking an image in illustrator, etc.
To get the best output remarkable procedure can be applied for image masking before reviewing each image which techniques should be authentic for supreme output. We follow 100% of clients’ instructions to ensure the results which will be best for your product photos within your timeline.



Clipping path genius always give priority remained your brand name and popularity. To generate your sell we built excellence clipping path photos that impress consumers and grow attention.


To utilize your precious time and knock us to get fastest quotes, rapid customers services within 24/7 hours at any time. We also replied you fast and deliver your project as soon as your time schedule.


Our affordable clipping path services give you best quality clipping path Photoshop within your budget. Also offering you packages if you have single or group of product photos at a friendly budget.

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Image Masking

 We apply advanced masking technique which is a more approved method than other photo editing services. Masking an image is a difficulty-free task but professional image masking takes more time rather than Photoshop image masking. Our creative experts always use Photoshop image masking to keep on concentration and skills at every Photoshop masking. We inquiry the combination of automation and manual artifice to get the best quality, unique images. So, contact us to save your valuable moment and money.

What is image masking services?

Image masking is a process or technique for removing and replacing the background from an image containing curves and turns with soft hairy or fuzzy edges. Also, it is a basic image processing operation that is used to eliminate objects from photos. It is difficult to perform hairy or furry images background removal, for this advanced Photoshop masking techniques are very much essential. Image masking ensures a permanent solution using Photoshop Pen Tool to remove background for fuzzy edges where have complicated areas like plastic bottles, smoke lighting, and transparent objects.
Clipping path and background removal cannot give accurate results in the case of fuzzy or hairy images where image masking worked as a way that assure the wonderful level of photos according to the client’s requirement. When you have photos for print or digital purposes, also can use image masking. Consumers demand the best photos that impress them at first look. So, client satisfaction is also important for you to deliver fine, charming product photos that attract customers’ eyes at a glance We edited more than 5 million images with a great reputation and high quality within the client’s timeline at every time. Contact us at the high time don’t waste your precious time and generate your time with us.


Types of image masking:

There are different kinds of image masking we are trying to discuss about this.

1. Alpha masking:

Different ways require for various types of photos. It is usually for semi-translucent photos. Alpha channel masking is a more complex or long process masking. To isolate the image from the background we keep it as an alpha image then take it to different channels to edit contrast, brightness, etc. Alpha channel masking uses a combination of two colors as Red Green Blue (RGB) and Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK) colors for natural, simple masking operation if the color seems not to be clear.

2. Hair and fur masking:

Every hairy and furry portion of the image requires thin, fuzzy, soft edges. By applying hair and fur masking, capable us to draw a fine line that gives a reliable shape adjusting as a combination of color, brightness, contrast.

Refine edge masking:

This type of masking is applicable for complex photos especially when if you have an image that contains hair, branches, or any part of the image with an edge. It helps you to precisely select those regions of photos that you need to crop out a portion from an image and also can add a new color background.

Translucent Masking:

If you want to visible any background image and color through the object like car glass, glass, water, spectacles have 0% to 5% incomprehensibility where the sunglasses, plastic packets, bottles, feathers, lightning have 5-99% opacity, translucent or transparency masking will be your first choice Our skilled team can effortlessly identify the transparency percentage of color through objects to remove background from an image.

Object masking:

Object masking technique is applied for several tiny dots present surrounding the location of target image. It is a type of visual masking that display different shapes like singled shape or circle. It terminates the original shape and make perfect masking shape of an image with different back.

Color Masking:

Color masking is to edit colors randomly by applying color mask and limit the exhibit color to specific shades. Thus, gives you perfectly fine control of raising pixels value on screen. Helps you to use any channel to limit color channels. You also can use RGB components (Red, Green and Blue) for color but not alpha component that is used for some custom pixel data of your composition.

When image masking is beneficial to use?

Image masking services offer a high level of editing ability that allows you to remove, modify and add components as your requirements inside the mask. It is also essential to identify visible sharp region s of any image masking and have complex layer as like curves and turns. In this circumstances, clipping path genius use various clipping masking tools and techniques from Photoshop for masking. For any clear or semitransparent objects like lighting, glasses, smokes, and others, we highly recommended masking an image in illustrator or Photoshop translucent masking.
Photoshop hair masking is suitable for this photo with raising hair or flying hair like trees, flowers etc. Our experts use advanced tools and techniques that are best suitable for your images because different types of images have a different approach to suit with this image such as masking in inDesign to help you place your image at QuarkXPress or inDesign website. So image masking beneficiaries can’t express in brief and it is necessary at every complexity of photos to grow your business.


Who needs image masking services?

Image masking is a must necessary for your image to have hair or fur, advanced Photoshop hair masking will give more accurate and perfect results although it is very hard work for large batches of photos. For advertising agencies have flying hair images like trees, flowers, and complex images of brochures, products, catalogs, posters, calendars, magazines, etc. Online commercial companies will mask their essential photos, where graphic design is incomplete without image masking.
Mentioned, alpha masking to retain high quality, layer mask used to hide, channel mask for flat background, and color mask to change the color of objectsFor professional photographers who have a huge group of photos from recent photoshoots contain hairy or furry types of skin. In these cases, different varieties of masking techniques need to apply for example – alpha mask, color mask, refine edge mask, object mask, translucent mask, Photoshop hair masking, etc.


When to use image masking:

  • For hair masking.
  • Smooth the edge.
  • Recoloring the objects.
  • Group or single fuzzy edges or curved images.
  • To place your image in an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay.
  • Perfectly edit the background of images like glasses, bottles or plastics.

When not to use image masking:

  • If you have the same color background as your image color, we advise you not to use image masking services.
  • If your image contains sharp, clean, or well-defined edges, you should use a Photoshop clipping path.
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Bulk Services Discount

15 off

Discount For single order who order from 50-100

30 off

Discount For single order ,full order100-1000

40 off

Discount For single order ,full order1000-3000


Why can we call us best?

Depending on photos complexity and types of images, our artists discuss each other to select suitable masking techniques for accurate results from hairy, furry, or curved photos. Our skilled experts have many years of knowledge to generate your business to create uniform, consistent photos. We used to advance and update tools to make unique, realistic look photos in the quickest and best way. 
Nowadays e-commerce marketplace has reached a new level to put a new product on-site, they must need image masking. Our professional graphic designers used Photoshop hair masking, alpha masking, layer masking, color masking, refine edge masking, color masking also others that recommended highly precious masking. We zoom all photos more about 300% to draw every clipping path and to get huge anchor points to maintain the size or shape of images. Our skilled experts always test the latest and most advanced tools and techniques to remove background from photos or masking images.
We have more than 250 employees who have qualified experience and knowledge in various areas of image masking techniques and tools. We do it all by hand, unlike others image masking services. We review each image before applying masking techniques like Photoshop image masking, masking an image in illustrator, masking in Design, etc.

How we do image masking?

Different types of photos required different methods. depending on object complexities and types to attain desired results.  Initially, make a copy of the original background where the main photos will be untouched. Clipping around the body and hairy region until the background is invisible. Then we use different tools for different purposes like quick selection tool to paint selection, background eraser tool in the second option of eraser palette to maintain a perfect pixel size
After this, apply different techniques according to photos requirements like alpha, translucent, color, object masking etc. Advanced masking techniques for sharp or clean edges objects, Photoshop image masking to mask a trouble-free task to obtain supreme results
Without this image masking, we also use layer masking, channel masking, collage masking, veiling transparent masking, and cut-out masking.

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