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Rid of the Distortion in Your Sunglasses

How to Get Rid of the Distortion in Your Sunglasses: 3 Solutions

How to Get Rid of the Distortion in Your Sunglasses: 3 Solutions

Sunglasses are a great accessory to have. They protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and they can make you look good! But what happens if the lenses of your sunglasses aren’t perfect? Unfortunately, this is a big problem for many people. The distortion of the lenses can make it difficult to see anything clearly through them. This blog will teach you three different solutions that might help fix this problem.

Sunglasses can make you look up to date

It’s nice to look good, but having outdated or worn-out sunglasses can make you look older. For example, if the lenses aren’t very clear and opaque, it’ll be hard to see important objects at a distance, like pedestrians walking down the street. If the glasses have a matte finish, you can imagine how difficult it is to see at night, or when you’re driving at night! For these reasons, the best solution for this problem is to get your sunglasses fixed.

In addition to fixing the lens distortion, an eye doctor can repair and reinforce the frame of your glasses, to make it as tough and sturdy as possible. However, this kind of treatment isn’t cheap! In order to find the most affordable way to fix your glasses, you can check out our List of the best optical centers for eyecare .

The Lens Distortion Can Be Annoying

The distortion isn’t just annoying, but also potentially dangerous. The distortion of your sunglasses’ lenses can block your vision to some degree, which is why you want to make sure they are well-maintained. But how exactly do you get rid of the distortion? Well, it depends on how the distortion has gotten there. We’ve outlined the different types of distortion you can get in this post.

They are, in order of their appearance: Deformations: You might be surprised to learn that this distortion occurs at different parts of the lens. If you take an acetate lens and flatten it out at both sides, then there will be a very high amount of distortion in the top of the lens. The same thing goes for a perspex lens.

Three Solutions for the Lens Distortion

1. Change Your Lens Shape The lens is one of the most important parts of your sunglasses. This is because the lens is usually the only part of the sunglasses that you can change. But, the problem with most sunglasses is that their lens shape is very specific. When you buy a pair of sunglasses that fit you perfectly, they are usually of a specific shape.

This means that even if you take your sunglasses in or out of the frames, your glasses won’t fit you if you don’t get the lens shape correct. Luckily, if you really can’t find the glasses that fit you right, you can still fix the problem of lens distortion. You just need to learn three methods that will help you in the long-run. 1. Get a custom pair of glasses.

Adjust the Frames

The main problem here is that sunglasses lenses are not usually as perfectly round as the lens of your glasses. If you have sunglasses that have more distortion than your glasses, you can adjust the glasses to fit the different frames. Just flip the glasses lenses upside down. For example, if you have a pair of dark colored frames, flip your glasses lenses so that they are upside down.

Then, take the non-rounded lens and put it on the outside edge of your non-rounded lens. This fixes the distortion, and it will make the lenses look almost identical. This is also useful if the glasses have a different color than the lenses (or you are buying a pair that you want to mix and match).

Purchase New Glasses

The best thing you can do is buy new sunglasses. Some frames may come with imperfections that make it hard to see things clearly. You’ll be able to see better in the new glasses if you get them from a reputable source. Some places to buy these glasses include a department store, a cosmetology school, or a drug store. You can also do some research online. It’s best to buy sunglasses that are prescription lens only.

If you can’t find the right pair of glasses, try some close-up photos of the things you want to see clearly. If the photos don’t help much, you can visit a doctor and see if he or she can give you some suggestions. Your Solution Change Your Lens You can also change the lenses of your sunglasses if they are smudged or scratched.

Take Your Own Glasses to a Professional

If you don’t have the time or the means to take your sunglasses to the eye doctor, the next best thing is to contact a professional. The optician will take your sunglasses, clean them up, and inspect them. They will ensure that the lenses are in good condition. In case the optician can’t find anything wrong, they will give you new frames for free. In most cases, you can return the old frames if you think that they are not up to your standards.

Invest in Sunglasses with Extra-Strong Frames This is a solution that doesn’t really involve spending any money. It will require a little bit of extra effort, but in the long-run, it will really pay off. Here’s how it works. If you want a pair of the best sunglasses, you have to go to the beach and find the best ones that fit your head properly.

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