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What is Product Photography?

What is Product Photography? | Product Photography Matters

What is Product Photography?

Commercial product photography that require staking shot of your brand’s
products for your web marketplace. Basically, each of product photos at your
online store will be displayed that give a best overview of how products image
look. If it is done accurately, this can increase the customer experience of your web
There are two main kinds of commercial photography for online retailer. Between
two one showed the product on a plain and monochromatic background. The
second is lifestyle photography that showed how your products are being used.
The main objective e-commerce is to exhibit products as a beautiful manner as
possible and also a way to help buyers to visualize how it would look in their life at
naturally and realistic way. However, lifestyle photography is comparatively better
than others. To create a connective brand of your products, we need to exhibit
lifestyle element on social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.
When you want to great visual content, you should present different kinds of
product imagery as like group item shots, studio imagery, 360-degree shots and
detailed photographs. For this, every type of photos will be matched for different
circumstances like website, brand image, and target audience.

Why Good Product Photography Matters in e-

You need to understand why e-commerce product photography is very essential
parts of for e-commerce business and also good photos can be used on social
media to increment your product sales. Actually, looks may not be everything but
photography can help capture people vision and inspire buyer interest. The product
photos on your online marketplace introduce your brand and products to the world.
When your site has charming or eye catchy photography, you can grab visitor
attention and drive conversion. For this reason, good e-commerce photography is
play vital role as a strong e-commerce plan to increase your business.

More than 70% online shoppers say, they can make purchasing decision based on
online product photos where few purchasers are later returned their product
because of product looked different to the online photos. 40% higher chance of to
reach wider target audience being shared of products photos on online store that
also can be a good bosting for your social media pages and increase sales.
Why Good Photos need for e-commerce?
The strategy part for generating sales in online store is to convince your customer
to buy something which they can’t see or touch in real lifetime. But, pleasant
product photos can be just need to press the purchase confirm button. Majority of
the businessman wants most effective form of content for their product brand
where mentioning that 55% B2C content writers quote visually to be a top
precedence for their marketing techniques.
 Gather visitor engagement.
 Augment user experience.
 Alleviate cart abandonment.
 Enhancement sales.
 Best for social media marketing.
 Helps to establish your brand.
To drive customer engagement and increase sales of your product, good photos
matter is like as the best way to gather visitors on your website. Today world
people search online for any products, commodities and others. For this reason,
visual content is an important part of any strong marketing policy. However, image
is main part for e-commerce businessman.
Essential things for Product Photography?
For any fantastic image photography on online media, you need some important
tools. Basically, you need the budget to hire a professional photographer who have
years of experience and equipment to assure a fool proof product photography set
for charming photos. If you want excellence picture for social media, you need
some essential things. Such as:
 A camera.

 A tripod.
 A white or black background.
 White bounced cards or cine foil.
 Light standees or LED lights.
 Tape
 A table
When a master photographer, high-end equipment, time and money is out of your
budget, you can always to get the job done properly. As like, use a white foam
board at back side to create makeshift bounce cards or any backgrounds with black
chart paper or white paper that you already have. As substitute use of DSLRs like
the Nikon D7200 or Canon EOS Rebel T7i, you can use inexpensive cameras like
the Canon G10 or Panasonic Lumic DMC ZS60, dare or the iPhone that’s already
have in your pocket.
Basic Tips for E-Commerce Retailers
 Try to use your smart phone camera before buying in a fancy new one.
 To use a tripod for stability.
 Lighting is very essential part for any photography, find out whether artificial or
natural light works best for your products photography.
 You should use a natural background or a clean that bounces off white or clean
light, depending on what outcome you’re looking for.
How Do You Take a Picture For an E-Commerce Site?
If you have already figured out the imagery necessity for an online marketplace are
very particular and required different tools or techniques for e-commerce product
photography. For instance, you are able to zoom in an online image, use different
style and techniques for any image advertisement that you need according to your
need or what you want.
You should take product photography ideas from various industry before start
shooting. This will help you find out what you need, what you work and what is
good for your business. Here, we are trying to describe some point that you need to
 Firstly, you should start by creating a white background as like white wall
and table to the stage.

 Select a clean and clear place for product photography.
 Then arrange lighting beside the photography area where you can use LED
lights or standees. Sometimes natural light can be good option for specific
products or lifestyle fashion photography and artificial light also good for
 You can also use a lightbox for small items to get the proper light and white
stage for in one fell swoop.
 For creating the right studio effect use light bouncers or sweep to get
accurate color effect.
 To get clear and stable photos, you should setup your camera at distance
and place.
 Fix the camera settings to find out exactly right combination for each
particular shot. This will gather setting exposure, aperture and other things.
 Then, set the product in the middle of lighting and camera.
 At last, take several shots of the product at different angles and different
Types of E-Commerce Product Photography
There are two main types of e-commerce product photography.

  1. The first are required clean-cut, white background, product with only
    images. These should consist your featured product, and varieties of images
    showcasing that your product from different angles.
  2. The second is in context or lifestyle photos that present your product being
    used in its noticeable environment or beside fulfilling products
    surroundings. Here’s the identical product in a lifestyle shot or in any
    context shot.

Recommended DSLR Settings for Product Photography
 Don’t use a broad angle lens that are distort your product.
 To get the right shot, you should use the right aperture. Here, wide aperture
like f2.8 or f4.5 will narrow your depth of field, leaving parts of your
product out of focus. And small aperture like f8 or f11 will give you a wider
depth of field, keeping your whole product clear and in focus.
 We should use the correct white balance for any product photography. When
shooting, you should set it to the same Kelvin temperature as your lights.
Some Free Image Editing Tools
 Pixlr – Free and has a lot of the function of Photoshop.
 Canva – User friendly free online editor that best suited for marketing
 Fotor – Free and easy to use smart phone app.
 Snapseed – Powerful, also fully-featured mobile app that is also free.

Hold Your Customers’ Attention by Great Photography
Visitors say location is everything. We handle the saying revolves more around
great e-commerce product photography for online retailers. We also hope that you
now understand better why dynamic product photography is so necessary for e-
commerce successful business. Don’t forget that once your great visual content
turn into sales, you can log in a free account with us and use  Ladyship  to complete
your orders at any time.

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